One ticket for all your NFT events

Verify NFT ownership in real life with Chainpass

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How it works

Get in to events with your NFTs
Connect your wallet and use Chainpass to get all the real-life benefits of your NFT collection. The Chainpass QR code changes every 15 seconds to prevent screenshot sharing and works without an internet connection.
Throw a party for your NFT holders
Create an event on Chainpass to make sure only NFT holders get through the door. Share your event page to gather RSVPs and use the Chainpass app to scan people in at the event.
Stay connected with other NFT holders
Scan a new friend’s Chainpass to get their socials and check out their NFT collection. Revisit your scan history to remember contacts from previous events.


Is it secure?

Yes! All we require from you is to generate a signature from your wallet. All this signature does is allow us to verify that you own that wallet.

What happens if someone screenshots their QR code?

Our QR codes are ephemeral (they change every 15 seconds) to prevent fake tickets. If someone tries to scan a screenshotted QR code, the Chainpass app will tell the scanner not to permit entry to whoever’s trying to get in.

What happens if there’s not good internet connection at the event?

It’s no problem! Our ephemeral QR codes don’t require internet connection to be scanned.

Which blockchains is Chainpass compatible with?

Chainpass is only compatible with Ethereum Mainnet at the moment. We’re currently building support for other chains like Polygon and Solana.

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