Is it secure?

Yes! All we require from you is to generate a signature from your wallet. All this signature does is allow us to verify that you own that wallet.

What happens if someone screenshots their QR code?

Our QR codes are ephemeral (they change every 30 seconds) to prevent fake tickets. If someone tries to scan a screenshotted QR code, the Chainpass app will tell the scanner not to permit entry to whoever’s trying to get in.

What happens if there’s not good internet connection at the event?

It’s no problem! Our ephemeral QR codes don’t require internet connection to be scanned.

Which blockchains is Chainpass compatible with?

Chainpass is only compatible with Ethereum Mainnet at the moment. We’re currently building support for other chains like Polygon and Solana.

Which types of tokens could this work for?

Chainpass can verify ERC-721 and ERC-1155 tokens right now. We’re currently adding support for ERC-20.

Can I require more than one NFT to enter?

Yes! You can require any combination of NFTs in order to enter. For example, you could host an event and grant access to anyone who holds either a MAYC or a BAYC.

What if someone shares their phone with someone else?

We track the number of times that a single NFT has been used to enter an event so that the scanner can know whether this NFT has been used for entry already.

Can I connect multiple wallets?

Yes! Connect one or multiple wallets to your Chainpass and the experience is the same: simply scan your Chainpass and we’ll verify ownership in all of the wallets that you’ve connected.

Who’s behind Chainpass?

Our team has worked at some of the biggest consumer tech companies in the world and spent years in the ticketing industry. We’re also backed by some amazing investors. Feel free to hop in our Discord – we’d love to meet you!

How do you prove that someone owns an NFT?

When the Chainpass mobile app is scanned, we check your associated wallet addresses directly on the blockchain to see whether you currently own a given token or set of tokens.

What are NFTs?

“NFTs” stands for Non-Fungible Tokens. Read some more about them on ethereum.org

Why did you build this?

We waited in lines for hours to get into token-gated events. The process is awful right now, and it’s hindering communities from creating great experiences for their holders. We know the ticketing industry and we know how to build great consumer apps. We believe we can build a meaningfully better experience for the rest of the Web3 community.